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In Real Life is for Nancy's teen readers, 13 and older, who have out grown Lily and the other tween books, and need a community of other teen girls who are serious about their faith. This unique blog provides a forum for being real. Teens only are invited to comment. Please read the blog rules below and then check it out! There are also direct links to the 3 most recent blog posts.

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I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you. -- II Timothy 1:6
  • Good morning, New Women. I know some of you are going to look at this picture and think (mind drowning in sarcasm): Oh, yeah, that's TOTALLY me. So let me be clear right from the gitgo: I am NOT thinking this is our goal for The Whole Christian Thing. I don't know about you, but I do not sit like this, hands folded, back straight, eyes downcast, when I read the Word of God. I'm more like in my pajamas, sitting with my legs pretzled in the big yellow chair, gnawing on the one thumbnail I allow myself to chew,...

  • Good morning, New Women. Thanks for understanding about yesterday. I was so wiped, I neglected to welcome SOFIA MARIE and BESSA. So good to have you here. If anyone else is just joining us, read through the last three posts and you'll be easily caught up. Then just jump in ... or at least dip your toe. We're headed for the deep end today. From your comments -- which have been so honest and so resonant with your searching -- it's obvious that while we're a diverse group, we also seem to have one thing in common, and I think...

  • Hey, New Women. I need to be as honest with you as you are with me. Some issues came up this morning that ate up my whole day, so that I had to put off this time with you until now ... 4:30 p.m. -- the time of day when I get cranky and want to go on strike as the family cook and need desperately for my dogs to GO LIE DOWN SOMEPLACE!!!! But I did sit down and read your comments -- so many heartfelt ones that went deep -- and I was overwhelmed by the need to...

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