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In Real Life is for Nancy's teen readers, 13 and older, who have out grown Lily and the other tween books, and need a community of other teen girls who are serious about their faith. This unique blog provides a forum for being real. Teens only are invited to comment. Please read the blog rules below and then check it out! There are also direct links to the 3 most recent blog posts.

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I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you. -- II Timothy 1:6
  • Good morning, New Women. I can't thank HAYLEE, AMELIA and TORIA enough for their guest posts that have kept things going while I've been away -- and to all of YOU for your comments. Your maturity shines in the fact that I can be gone for 10 days and you still make it happen, and happen well. Good on ya. I'm flying home today which means an entire day on planes and in airports -- eating bad food and juggling carry-ons in restroom stalls. So all I want to say right now is ... will you please pray for safe...

  • Our final guest post comes to us from AMELIA, who shares honestly about her journey. Let's go in ... Hey, ladies! When Miss Nancy asked me what topic I wanted to talk about for the guest post, I thought of a few ideas: my first bullying experience, learning to listen, or expressing yourself through art. However, there was one that I really wanted to talk about: Growth. What better thing to talk about, I thought, than my own testimony of how God has worked in me? Before I was born, the doctors thought I was a miscarriage. As you can...

  • Today's guest post comes from HAYLEE (not to be confused with Kaylee!) She nudges us to look at .. well, read on and see: Hello ladies! I’m really excited to be able to do this guest post, (plus a little nervous)! Most of you “know” me, I think, and just so you get a better image in your head, there’s a picture of me. So, when I decided to do a guest post, I really had no clue what to talk about, but then I was reading some previous posts and saw a lot of talk about “How do I...

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