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In Real Life is for Nancy's teen readers, 13 and older, who have out grown Lily and the other tween books, and need a community of other teen girls who are serious about their faith. This unique blog provides a forum for being real. Teens only are invited to comment. Please read the blog rules below and then check it out! There are also direct links to the 3 most recent blog posts.

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I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you. -- II Timothy 1:6
  • Good Maundy Thursday morning to you, New Women. I don't know about you but I'm feeling pensive as we move toward the end of our earthly journey with Jesus. This is a rich time, and yet the sense of difficult things to come is heavy and hard. Fortunately, Jesus doesn't leave us to deal with it alone ... This is the day the Passover is to be celebrated, and Jesus sends us to prepare the meal in the upper room of a house. Who the owners are or how it is that they readily allow us to use this room,...

  • Good morning, New Women. Take a deep breath because we're getting into the hard part of this journey with Jesus. A lot of important things happen on this day before Passover, too much for one blog post, so if you want to read about the day in detail, go to Matthew 21:18 - 25:46. (I know, right?) It makes me realize that one twenty-four hour period can change a person's entire life from then on. We've awakened in Bethany feeling sort of sideways, you know? Yesterday, watching Jesus wreck the "bizarre" that was going on in the temple, really shook...

  • Hello, New Women. I gotta tell ya, it's good to be back. While I was away I felt like something -- you -- was seriously missing, plus I was bummed that our road trip to Jerusalem was stalled, but at least we're picking it up again at a crucial time. I'll refer to your comments as soon as I've really had a chance to read them thoroughly. For now, shall we move on? This is our first real day in Jerusalem with Jesus. Two days ago we arrived to this awesome celebration with people waving palms and shouting Hosannas to...

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