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In Real Life is for Nancy's teen readers, 13 and older, who have out grown Lily and the other tween books, and need a community of other teen girls who are serious about their faith. This unique blog provides a forum for being real. Teens only are invited to comment. Please read the blog rules below and then check it out! There are also direct links to the 3 most recent blog posts.

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I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you. -- II Timothy 1:6
  • Good morning, New Women. This is our final spiritual spa week, before we move on to "The Whole Christian Thing," which you've almost unanimously voted on. Since some of you indicated you liked the Journey With Jesus choice as well, we might weave some of that into TWCT. Thanks SO much for your input. Several of you also said you'd like to do another blog party, and I'm thinking it might be fun to make that a sort of gathering at the coffee shop kind of thing, only here online. November seems like a good time to shoot for, so...

  • Good morning, New Women. Can I just say how much I loved your comment, ALEXANDRIA, about this blog being a place to "get water"? It has become that in an organic way, hasn't it? I attribute that totally to God's guidance. God has nudged me through you and your comments, your honesty and your struggles ... as well as through the countless ideas and whispers and inspirations that have simply come to me in my journaling and prayers -- and simply my daily round. The water shows up here because you ask for it. Kind of like Psalm 42: "As...

  • Good morning, New Women. This is the beginning of the second to the last week of our Summer Spiritual Spa. On Monday, September 1, we'll officially start the school year (even though some of you will already be up to your armpits in it by then) and I need some input from you on what you'd like the fall -- September 1 - December 1 (when we'll focus on Advent) -- to look like here on In Real Life. These are some options for you to vote on, though please absolutely offer your own ideas as well. Last year we...

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